Issues in Strong Field /Attophysics

*understanding ionization in polyatomic molecules
*understanding and imaging
*-- bound multi-electron dynamics
-- core rearrangement
-- hole dynamics (core, valence)
-- analyzing time-dependent processes in shake-off, such as

  • pump-probe imaging of core-hole dynamics
  • role of nuclear motion

Issues in Control related to strong fields and attosecond physics

-How does initial attosecond dynamics affects fs evolution, such as non-adiabatic transitions
at the conical intersections? While motion through the conical intersection is fsec,
initial preparation of the electronic wavepacket is important.
-How can electronic motion (e.g. chaotic electron dynamics) affect nuclear motion on a much longer time-scale?
-How much control over the attosecond pulse shape can one have? How can we shape asec pulses: amplitudes, phases, polarizations?
- Controlling free electrons is easy. What about control of electron motion
in systems with nontrivial dispersion, such as conduction bands + controlling e- motion in dispersive media
- Electron pump-dump: Control of electron transfer or hole transfer in polyatomic molecules.
- Control of currents, including ring currents
- Control of spin dynamics for electrons and holes, control of spin-orbit coupling by controlling nuclear orbitals
- Control of strong-field ionization, including electron tunnelling
- Can a.s. pulses be used to control mass spectra after double ionization?
- Control of harpooning reaction

Notes and questions

Can one use light to trigger formation of Cooper pairs?
Can one use light to trigger/reverse phase transitions?
Creating and controlling excitations in solids – BEC of excitons (correlated electron-hole pairs)
Can laser demagnetization be reversed to give magnetization?
DIET (desorption induced electron transfer) --- surface electron control

Polarized light
Two-color control (time delay, polarization)
Angular distribution
Controlling tunneling electron
H+ and H2+ (H3++) control of final products using absolute phase
Control of time for electron wavepacket by the photon wavepacket
Ion impact as a.s. control
Artificial atoms --- add electrons one by one